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    Pacansky-Brock chap 4 might be a good place to start—talks about the importance of instructor presence and how to create it using multimedia Opening assignment: think outside the box—what would be the ideal model for distance/online learning. From a student point of view, how do you think we learn best? What would the ideal digitally […]

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      April 1 trying the new Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I think this works well. 

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    Testing interface

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    Posted from inside the WordPress reader interface, just to try it out.

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    Course overview from Michael S Greer on Vimeo.

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    Apologies to anyone who arrives at this site: I am in the process of developing content and experimenting with the WordPress tools and features as I follow along with a few tutorials and learn the ropes.  I am developing this site as a place where I can post content related to my teaching, editing, […]